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pece: third person singular tense paradigm perfect class ātmanepadapac
pece: first person singular tense paradigm perfect class ātmanepadapac
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pac cl.1 P. A1. () p/acati-, te- (cl.4. A1. p/acyate- confer, compare below; parasmE-pada pacāna- [ confer, compare kim-pacāna-]; perfect tense papāca-[2. sg. papaktha-or pecitha- ], pecur-; pece-, pecire-[ /apeciran-, ; peciran- on ]; Aorist p/akṣat- ; apākṣīt-, apakta- grammar; preceding pacyāt- ; future pakṣyati-, te-or paktā- ; ind.p. paktv/ā- ; infinitive mood p/aktave- ; paktum-, ), to cook, bake, roast, boil (A1.also "for one's self") etc. ; (with double accusative) to cook anything out of (exempli gratia, 'for example' tandulān odanam pacati-,"he cooks porridge out of rice-grains") ; to bake or burn (bricks) ; to digest ; to ripen, mature, bring to perfection or completion etc. ; (with double accusative) to develop or change into (exempli gratia, 'for example' puṇyāpuṇyaṃ sukhāsukham-,"merit and demerit into weal or woe") ; (intrans.) to become ripe or mature : Passive voice pacy/ate- (ti- ; Aorist apāci- grammar), to be cooked or burnt or melted or digested or ripened or developed etc. ; to be tormented ; also intrans. equals p/acyate- (confer, compare above) , to become ripe or mature, to develop or ripen (with accusative of the fruit that is borne or ripens ; confer, compare Va1rtt. 14 ; lok/aḥ p/acyamānaḥ-,"the developing world") : Causal pācayati-, te- (Aorist apīpacat- grammar; Passive voice pācyate-, parasmE-pada cyamāna- ) ; to cause to cook or be cooked (A1."for one's self") , to have cooked or to cook etc. (confer, compare ) ; to cause to ripen ; to bring to completion or to an end, cure, heal : Desiderative pipakṣati- grammar : Intensive pāpacīti- grammar ; pāpacyate-, to be much cooked, to cook very much or burn excessively, to be much afflicted : Desiderative of Intensive pāpacishati-, te- grammar ([ confer, compare Greek for ; Latin coquo; Slavonic or Slavonian peka,pes8ti.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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samuccayaḥ समुच्चयः 1 Collection, assemblage, aggregation, mass, multitude. -2 Conjunction of words or sentences; see च. -3 A figure of speech; K. P.1 (Kārikās 115 and 116); (it consists in joining together two or more things, independent of each other, but connected in idea with reference to some common action). -Comp. -अलंकारः the समुच्चय figure of speceh. -उपमा a simile containing the above figure; समुच्चयोपमाप्यस्ति न कान्त्यैव मुखं तव । ह्लादनाख्येन चान्वेति कर्मणेन्दुमितीदृशी Kāv.2.21.
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pacant pác-ant, pr. pt. cooking, ii. 12, 14. 15 [pac cook, Lat. coquo for pequo, OSl. 3. s. pečetŭ].
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avartyā śuna āntrāṇi pece # RV.4.18.13a.
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