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pauṣkarasādim. (fr. puṣkara-sad-) Name of a grammarian View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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pauṣkarasādi (‘Descendant of Puṣkarasādi ’) is the name of a teacher mentioned in the śāñkhāyana Aranyaka, as well as the Taittirlya Prātiśākhya. A Puṣkarasādi is mentioned in the Dharma Sūtra of Apastamba and elsewhere.
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pauṣkarasādian ancient grammarian who belonged to the dynasty of पुष्करसद्, whose views are quoted by the Varttikakara and the writers of the Pratisakhya works: cf चयो द्वितीयाः शारि पौष्करसादेः P. VIII. 4.48 Vart. 3; confer, compare also व्यञ्जनपरः पौष्करसादेर्न पूर्वश्च ञकारम् Taittirīya Prātiśākhya.V: confer, compare also Taittirīya Prātiśākhya.XIII. 16; XIV. 2, XVII. 6.

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