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pathyate: third person singular passive system present class path
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√पथ्pathgoing / gati347/3Cl.1
√पथ्paththrowing, casting / prakṣepa655/2Cl.10
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पथ् (see panth-) cl.1 P. p/athati-, to go, move ; to fly : Causal pāthayati-, to throw, send ( varia lectio for pṛth-and prath-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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path पथ् I. 1 P. (पथति) To go, move. -II. 1 U. (पाथ- यति-ते) To throw, cast.
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path páth, m. path, viii. 29, 6; x. 14, 10 [cp. Gk. πάτο-ς].
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path noun (masculine) a road a way
Frequency rank 920/72933

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