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patantam: masculine accusative singular stem: patat.
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आपत्P. -patati-, (parasmE-pada accusative -patantam- ; Aorist -paptata- [ ]; Potential perf. -papatyāt- ) to fly towards, come flying ; to hasten towards, rush in or on etc. ; to fall towards or on ; to approach ; to assail ; to fall out, happen ; to appear, appear suddenly ; to fall to one's share, to befall etc.: Causal P. (3. plural -pat/ayanti- ) to fly towards ; -pātayati-, to throw down, let fall, cut down ; to shed View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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uccā patantam aruṇaṃ suparṇam AVś.13.2.36a; GB.1.2.9 (text, 1.2.8).
utāntarikṣe patantaṃ yātudhānam AVś.8.3.5c. See yad vāntari-.
tenāpa hata śarum āpatantam # AVś.12.2.47c.
nāke suparṇam upa yat patantam # RV.10.123.6a; AVś.18.3.66a; SV.1.320a; 2.1196a; AB.1.22.3; KB.8.7; ṣB.5.1; AdB.1; TB.; TA.6.3.1a; Aś.4.7.4. P: nāke suparṇam ṣB.5.4; AdB.4; śś.5.9.17; 10.15; Lś.3.9.18; 8.8.35; Mś.4.3.22; --8.19.21; JG.2.4.
yad vāntarikṣe pathibhiḥ patantam # RV.10.87.6c. See utāntarikṣe patantaṃ.
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patantam fallingSB 10.64.19-20
SB 10.67.18
SB 12.6.23
patantam gliding down to hellSB 4.7.15
patantam going downSB 2.7.9
abhipatantam while falling downSB 2.7.14
adhaḥ-patantam gliding downSB 3.1.41
āpatantam coming over furiouslySB 1.7.18
āpatantam coming forwardSB 3.2.24
āpatantam rushing towards HimSB 3.13.31
āpatantam coming after himSB 9.15.29
āpatantam again endeavoring to attack HimSB 10.11.51
āpatantam attackingSB 10.17.6
āpatantam setting upon themSB 10.19.8
āpatantam attackingSB 10.36.13
āpatantam attackingSB 10.43.13
adhaḥ-patantam gliding downSB 3.1.41
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