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mṛṣṭi f. cleansing, careful prepara tion; careful dressing of food.
vibhakta pp. √ bhag; n. separa tion: -ga, m. son born after the partition of the patrimony; -tva, n. variety.
sāṃnahanika a. (fr. samnah ana) relating to preparation for battle, call ing to arms; -nây-yá, n. [*sam-nâya, min gling] oblation of fresh and sour milk mixed; -nâh-ika, a. [sam-nâha] relating to prepara tion for battle, calling to arms; capable of bearing arms; -uka, a. id. (Br.); -nidh-ya, n. [sam-nidhi] nearness, vicinity, presence, close attendance: -m kri, be present, show oneself to (g.), -pakshe gan, appear in the place of (g.); -nipât-ika, a. [sam-ni-pâta] coalescing; produced by disorder of the bodily humours.
sāraphalgutva n. value or worthlessness, goodness or badness, compara tive importance; -bhânda, n. valuable mer chandise; -bhûta, pp. being the chief thing, best; n. main thing, what is best; -mahat, a. great in value, very precious.
Bloomfield Vedic
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ārāttāt savitaḥ suva # AVś.19.8.4d. So Vulgata: Shankar Pandit's edition, and Nakṣ.26.4d, parā tān sa-, q.v.
paras tā bhagavo vapa # NīlarU.13d. See parā tā.
parā tam ajñātaṃ yakṣmam # AVś.6.127.3e. See parā te etc.
parā te ajñātaṃ yakṣmam # AVP.1.90.4c. See parā tam etc.
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