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नु or - cl.2.6. P. () nauti-, nuvati-, (present tense also n/avate-, ti- etc.; parasmE-pada P. nuv/at-, n/avat- A1. n/avamāna- ; perfect tense nunāva- ; Aorist /anūnot-, /anūṣi-, ṣata-, anaviṣṭa- ; anauṣit-, anāvit-, anuvīt- grammar; future naviṣyati-, nuv-; navitā-, nuv- ; ind.p. -nutya-, -nāvam- ; infinitive mood lavitum- varia lectio nuv- ), to sound, shout, exult ; praise, commend etc. etc.: Passive voice nūyate- etc.: Causal nāvayati- Aorist anūnavat- grammar : Desiderative nunūṣati- ; Desiderative of Causal nunāvayiṣati- : Intensive n/onavīti-, nonumas- (imperfect tense anonavur- subjunctive n/avīnot-; perfect tense n/onāva-, nonuvur- ; nonūyate-, nonoti- grammar), to sound loudly, roar, thunder View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
स्कम्भ् or skabh- (prob. a mere phonetic variety of stambh- q.v;in native lists written skanbh-) cl.5.9. P. ( ) skabhn/oti-, skabhn/āti- (according to to also cl.1 A1. skambhate-; pr. p. skabhnuv/at- ; skabh/at- ; perfect tense cask/ambha-,2. dual number -skambh/athuḥ- ; parasmE-pada caskabhān/a- ; Aorist askambhīt- grammar; future skambhitā-, skambhiṣyati- ; infinitive mood skambhitum- ; -sk/abhe- ; ind.p. skabhitv/ī- ) to prop, support, make firm, fix, establish : Causal skambhayati- (Aorist acaskambhat-, grammar;See skambhita-) or skabhāy/ati- ( Va1rtt. 1 ;See skabhita-), to prop, support, fix ; to impede, check
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