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अभिनुP. A1. (proper 1. plural -navāmahe-,3. plural -navante-; imperfect tense P.3. plural -anāvan-; Aorist 1. sg. -anūṣi-,3. dual number -anūṣātām-,3. plural -anūṣata-[very frequently] or -nūṣata- ) to shout towards (accusative) : Intensive (1. plural -nonumas-) idem or 'A1. (3. plural abh/īnavante-) to turn one's self towards (accusative) ' View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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upa naraṃ nonumasi # AVś.20.127.14a. Cf. Aś.8.3.12 (comm., upa vo nara enamasi !).
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