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niraye: masculine locative singular stem: niraya
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majjanan. (with niraye-), sinking into hell View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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niraye hellish conditions of life (the government's prison for criminal activities like rape, kidnapping or theft of others' property)SB 5.14.22
niraye in a hellish conditionSB 3.30.32
niraye in hellSB 10.60.53
SB 3.21.14
SB 4.9.9
SB 5.26.35
SB 8.21.32
niraye in hellish lifeSB 6.2.45
niraye in the hellSB 5.26.21
SB 5.26.30
niraye in the hellish material entanglementSB 3.24.27
niraye into hellSB 10.64.19-20
SB 2.7.9
nirayeṣu in low birthsSB 3.15.49

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