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nipatanan. falling down, falling, descending View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nipatanan. (garbhiṇyāgarbhasya-) the lying-in of a pregnant woman View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nipatanan. flying View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
agnipatanan. throwing one's self into fire, View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vahnipatanan. "entering the fire", self-immolation View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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nipatanam निपतनम् 1 Falling down, descending, alighting. -2 Flying down.
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nipatana n. falling; flying, flight; -pâta, m. fall; descent; cast (of a look); fall ing from (ab.) on (--°ree;); alighting (of a bird); fall (fig.); assault, attack; death; incidental mention; irregularity (gr.); particle (gr.); -pâtana, n. causing to fall or descend; falling down; flying down (of a bird); beating, striking; destroying, killing; incidental men tion, esp. of an irregular or rare form (gr.): -pratîkâra, m. repelling of assaults; -pâtin, a. falling down; dropping; alighting, on (--°ree;); striking down, destroying, consuming; -pâdá, m. lowland, valley; -pâna, n. drinking; trough; trench, tank, pool: -vat, a. abound ing in pools, -saras, n.drinking-pool.
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ubhe yathā no ahanī nipāta # RV.4.55.3c.
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dyotakaindicative, suggestive; not directly capable of expressing the sense by denotation; the nipatas and upasargas are said to be 'dyotaka' and not 'vacaka' by standard grammarians headed by the Varttikakara; confer, compare निपातस्यानर्थकस्यापि प्रातिपदिकत्वम् P.I.2.45 Varttika 12; confer, compare Kaiyata also on the a reference to some preceding word, not necessarily on the same page.; cf also निपाता द्योतकाः केचित्पृथगर्थाभिधायिनः Vakyapadiya II.194;, गतिवाचकत्वमपि तस्य ( स्थाधातोः ) व्यवस्थाप्यते, उपसर्गस्तु तद्योतक एव commentary on Vakyapadiya II. 190; confer, compare पश्चाच्छ्रोतुर्बोधाय द्योतकोपसर्गसंबन्ध: Par. Sek. on Pari. 50; cf also इह स्वरादयो वाचकाः चादयो द्योतका इति भेदः Bhasa Vr. om P.I.1.37.The Karmapravacaniyas are definitely laid down as dyotaka, confer, compare क्रियाया द्योतको नायं न संबन्धस्य वाचकः । नापि क्रियापदाक्षेपीं संबन्धस्य तु भेदकः Vakyapadiya II.206; the case affixes are said to be any way, 'vacaka' or 'dyotaka'; confer, compare वाचिका द्योतिका वा स्युर्द्वित्त्वादीनां विभक्तयः Vakyapadiya II. 165.
nipātadyotakatvathe view that the nipatas and the upasargas too, as contrasted with nouns,pronouns and other indeclinables, only indicate the sense and do not denote it; this view, as grammarians say, was implied in the Mahabhasya and was prominently given in the Vakyapadiya by Bhartrhari which was followed by almost all later grammarians. See निपात.
nipātānarthakatvathe view prominently expressed by the Varttikakara that nipatas do not possess any sense, which was modified by Bhartrhari who stated that they do possess sense which, of course, is indicated and not expressedition See निपात.
vikaugment वि as seen in the word दविद्युतत् given as a nipatana in the sutra दाधर्तिदर्धति ...P. VII.4.65; confer, compare दविद्युतदिति द्युतेर्यङ्लुगन्तस्य शतरि अभ्यासस्य संप्रसारणाभाव: अत्वं विक् अागमश्च निपात्यते Kāśikā of Jayāditya and Vāmana. on P.VII.4.65.
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nipatana noun (neuter) (garbhiṇyāgarbhasya) the lying-in of a pregnant woman (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
descending (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
falling (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
falling down (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
flying (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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