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kevalamind. only, merely, solely (na kevalam-- api-,not only-but also ; kevalam-na tu-,only - but not, ) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yāvatind. na param-or na kevalam-yāvat-,"not only-but even."Sometimes yāvat- is also used as a preposition with a prec. or following accusative , or with a following ablative , rarely dative case exempli gratia, 'for example' māsam ekaṃ yāvat-,"during one month" View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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api prp. w. lc. or °ree;--, at, in, near (V.); ad. also, likewise; even; but, yet; w. neg.= even; na ka½api, not even; makes interr. in definite: ko&zip;pi, some one; w. numerals=all: katvâro&zip;pi, all four; beg. sentences; interr. pcl.; w. potent. oh that! api -api or ka, both and; na kevalam -api, not only -but also; api ka, kâpi, moreover, likewise; ye&zip;pi te&zip;pi, those also, who --; api vâ, vâpi, or even; na -nâpi, neither -nor; api nâma (at beg. of sentences) perhaps; yadi½api, al though; tathâ½api, yet.
kevala a. (î; C. â) exclusively proper to (d., g.); alone, only, nothing but, mere, pure; whole, complete; every, all: -m, ad. only; entirely; but, only; na kevalam -api, not only -but; -tas, ad. only; -sas, ad.entirely; -vyatirekin, a. relating to separation only.
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