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milya: Gerund (-ya)mil
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mil cl.6 P. A1. (;but see ) milati-, te- (perfect tense mimiluḥ- ; future miliṣyati- ; Aorist amelīt-, ameliṣṭa- grammar; ind.p. militvā-and -milya-, ), to meet (as friends or foes) , encounter, join, fall in with (instrumental case with or without saha-; dative case genitive case,or locative case), come together, assemble, concur etc.: Causal melayati- (or melāpayati-; see melāpaka-), to cause any one to meet any one else (genitive case), bring together, assemble View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mīl cl.1 P. () - lati- (rarely A1. te-; perfect tense mimīla- ; Aorist amīlīt- grammar; future mīlitā-, mīliṣyati- ; ind.p. -mīlya- ), to close the eyes ; to close (intrans., said of the eyes), wink, twinkle ; (equals mil-) to assemble, be collected : Causal mīlayati- (Epic also te-; Aorist amimīlat-,or amīmilat- ), to cause to close, close (eyes, blossoms etc.) : Desiderative mimīliṣati- grammar : Intensive memīyate-, memīlti- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vyāmīl(only ind.p. -mīlya-), to close and open the eyes, twinkle

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