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milat: neuter accusative singular stem: milat.
milat: neuter nominative singular stem: milat.
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milatmfn. meeting, joining etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
milatmfn. appearing, happening, occurring View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
milatmfn. (in the beginning of a compound or in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') joined or connected with View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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milat मिलत् a. 1 Meeting, joining. -2 Happening, occurring. -3 Joined, connected. -Comp. -व्याध a. surrounded or joined by huntsmen; Ks.
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"milat" has 1 results.
sup(l)locative case affix सु: (2) short term for case-affixes, as formed by the syllable सु (the nominative case. singular. affix) at the beginning and the final consonant प् of सुप्, the locative plural case-affix in the rule स्वौजसमौट्...ङ्योस्सुप् P. IV. 1.2. These case afixes are called 'vibhakti' also. These सुप् affixes are elided after an indeclinable word; confer, compare अव्ययादाप्सुप: P. II. 4.82; in Veda स्, शे ( ए ), या, डा, ड्या, याच् and अाल् as seen, are substituted for these case affixes, which sometimes are even dropped or assimilated with the previous vowel of the base: e. g. सन्तु पन्थाः, आर्द्रे चर्मन् et cetera, and others cf, P. VII. 1.39. These caseaffixes are as a rule, grave-accented (अनुदात्त) excepting in such cases as are mentioned in P. VI.1. 166 to 184 and 19l.
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roasting; oxidizing metals; amalgamation of mercury; assimilation; digestion of metals by mercury.

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