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manyase: second person singular present present class 4 ātmanepadaman
manyase: second person singular passive system present class man
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manyase (whatever) You considerSB 10.16.59
manyase if you thinkSB 11.10.14-16
manyase understandSB 3.9.36
manyase You are so disposedSB 11.6.26-27
manyase you considerSB 6.17.24
manyase you so thinkBG 2.26
manyase You thinkBG 11.4
manyase you thinkBG 18.59
SB 1.12.3
SB 1.13.44
SB 1.14.44
SB 1.9.20
SB 10.64.8
SB 4.28.61
SB 6.3.10
SB 6.5.40
manyase you think it fitSB 10.7.1-2
manyase you think it properSB 10.72.28
manyase you think it rightSB 7.3.7
manyase you wishSB 10.54.42
yadi manyase if You think it properSB 6.9.40
yadi manyase if You think it properSB 6.9.40

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