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mantrayantran. an amulet with a magical formula View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mantrayantraprakāśam. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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mantrayantra n. amulet with a magical formula; -yukti, f. application of spells, charm; employment of a sacred for mula; magic (?); -vat, a. attended with sa cred formulas; enchanted, consecrated with spells; familiar with sacred texts; ad. 1. to the accompaniment of sacred texts; 2. accord ing to the rules of counsel; -varna, m. word ing of a sacred text: pl. the syllables of a sacred formula or spell; -vâda, m. substance of a sacred formula; utterance of spells, ma gic: -sloka, m. pl. slokas being sacred verses in substance; -vâdin, m. pronouncer of spells, enchanter; -vid, a. knowing sacred texts or spells; -vidyâ, of spells, magic; -sakti, f. magical power, charm; -sruti, f. consultation listened to; -samvarana, n. con cealment of a consultation or design; -sam skâra, m. consecration with sacred texts: -krit-pati, m.consecrated husband; -sam hitâ, f. the collection of Vedic hymns; -sâdh aka, m. performer of an incantation, magi cian; -sâdhana, n., â, f. performance of an incantation; -sâdhya, fp. to be mastered by incantations; attainable by counsel; -sid dha, pp. accomplished by a spell; thoroughly versed in spells; -siddhi, f. effect of a spell; fulfilment of counsel; -sûtra, n. charm at tached to a cord.
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