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mantratattvan. the essence of counsel View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mantratattvanetran. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mantratattvaprakāśam. Name of works. (varia lectio -tantra-n-and -pr-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mantratattvavidmfn. very experienced in counsel View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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mantratattvavid a. know ing the essence of counsel, very experienced in counsel; -tas, ad. with regard to (the knowledge of) Vedic texts; -toya, n. water sanctified with incantations; -da, a.impart ing or teaching the Veda; giving advice; -darsin, a. knowing the sacred texts; -dâtri, m. teacher of the Veda; -dris, a. (seeing=) composing hymns; knowing the sacred texts; experienced in counsel; m. composer of hymns; counsellor; -devatâ, f. deity invoked in a sacred text; -drashtri, m. (seer=) composer of sacred texts; -dhara, -dhârin, m. coun sellor, adviser; -pattra, n. leaf inscribed with a sacred text; -pada, n. magic word;-pâtha, m. recitation of a sacred text; -pust ikâ, f. book of spells; -pûta, pp. purified by a sacred text; -prabhâva, m. power of a spell (Pr.); -prayoga, m. employment of a sacred text; magical agency, charm; -pha la, n.fruit or consequence of counsel; -bala, n. magical power; -bîga, n. (seed=) first syl lable of a spell; germ of counsel; -brâhma- na, n. du. the sacred hymns and the Brâh manas: -vid, a. knowing the sacred hymns and the Brâhmanas; -bheda, m. a particular spell: pl. various kinds of spells; breach of counsel, betrayal of a design; -maya, a. con sisting of spells; -mûrti, a. having a body consisting of spells (Siva); -mûla, a. rooted in counsel.
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ekaḥ vāṅmayakṛtiviśeṣaḥ ।

saṃskṛta-vāṅmaye mantratattvaprakāśaḥ nāma kṛtiḥ suvikhyātā

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