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manmahe: first person plural present present class 8 ātmanepadaman
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praman(only A1.1. plural proper -manmahe-), to think upon, excogitate View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
viman(only r. plural proper A1. -manmahe-), to distinguish : Causal -mānayati- to dishonour, slight, treat with disrespect, View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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indrasya manmahe śaśvad id asya manmahe AVś.4.24.1a. See indrasya manve prathamasya, and indrasya manve śaśvad.
paidvasya manmahe vayam AVś.10.4.11a.
pra manmahe śavasānāya śūṣam RV.1.62.1a; VS.34.16a.
indrasya manve prathamasya pracetasaḥ # TS.; MS.3.16.5a: 190.10; KS.22.15a. See next, and indrasya manmahe.
indrasya manve śaśvad yasya manvire # AVP.4.39.1a. See prec., and indrasya manmahe.
divi kṣamā ca manmahe # RV.5.52.3d.
baḍ asya nīthā vi paṇeś ca manmahe # RV.10.92.3a.
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