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उन्मन्द्(ud--1. mand-) P. (imperative 3. plural -mandantu- ; perfect tense -mamanda-, ; Aorist 3. plural -amandiṣus-,i, 82, 6, and -/amandiṣus-,ix, 81, 1) to cheer, delight, amuse. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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mandantu tugryāvṛdhaḥ RV.8.1.15d.
mandantu tvā maghavann indrendavaḥ RV.8.4.4a; SV.2.1072a.
mandantu tvā mandinaḥ sutāsaḥ RV.2.11.11b.
mandantu tvā mandino vāyav indavaḥ RV.1.134.2a.
mandantu dhṛṣṇav indavaḥ RV.8.45.14b.
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