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मन्दम्ind. slowly, tardily, gradually, slightly, faintly, softly (also manda- in the beginning of a compound,and mandam mandam-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
वीप्साf. "the desire of pervading"(with any property or quality simultaneously or continuously), several or successive order or series, distributiveness, repetition (especially repetition of words to imply continuous or successive action; exempli gratia, 'for example' vṛkṣaṃ vṛkṣaṃ siñcati-,he waters tree after tree; mandam mandaṃ nudati pavanaḥ-,"gently, gently breathes the wind" see ), View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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manda a. slow, sluggish, in (lc. or --°ree;); apathetic, indifferent to (d.); weak, slight; faint, low (voice), gentle (rain, wind); dull-witted, stupid, foolish; unhappy; dis eased, ill: -m, ad. slowly, gradually (also °ree;--); slightly; faintly, softly, in a low voice: mandam mandam, ad. very slowly, quite gradually; m. the planet Saturn: -ka, a. scanty, little; dull, stupid; -karni, m. N. of a sage; -karman, a. inactive; -kârin, a.acting foolishly; -kirana, a. weak-rayed; -ga, a. moving or going slowly; m. planet Saturn; -gati, a. moving slowly: -tva, n. slow pace; -ketas, a. absent-minded; dull witted, stupid, foolish; -kkhâya, a. having its beauty dimmed, dull-looking, lustreless; -garas, a. aging slowly; -gâta, pp. slowly produced; -tâ, f. indolence; slightness, in significance; dulness, stupidity, foolishness; -tva, n. slightness, insignificance, feebleness; -dhî, a. dull-witted, stupid, foolish; -pâla, m. N. of a Rishi; -punya, a. unfortunate, ill-fated; -pragña, a. dull-witted; -preman, a. having little affection; -phala, a. bearing little fruit; having an insignificant result; -buddhi, a. dull-witted; -bhâgin, a. ill fated, wretched; -bhâgya, n. misfortune; a. ill-fated, unlucky, unfortunate, miserable: -tâ, f. wretchedness; -bhâg, a. ill-fated; -ma ti, a. dull-witted; m. N. of a wheelwright; N. of a lion; -mandam,ad. very slowly or gradually, by degrees; very softly; -mand a½âtapa, a. having very slight heat, cool.
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