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mahābhāṣyapradīpam. Name of commentaries on the mahā-bhāṣya-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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mahābhāṣyapradīpaa very scholarly commentary on Patanjali's MahabhaSya written by Kaiyatabhatta in the eleventh century, The commentary has so nicely explained every difficult and obscure point in the Mahabhasya, and has so thoroughly explained each sentence that the remark of later grammarians that the torch of the Mahabhasya has been kept burning by the Pradipa appears quite apt and justifiedition Kaiyata's commentary has thrown much additional light on the original arguments and statements in the Mahabhasya. There is a learned commentary on the Pradipa written by Nagesabhatta which is named vivarana by the author but which is well known by the name 'Uddyota' among students and teachers of Vyakarana. For details see pp. 389, 390 Vol VII, Patanjala Mahabhasya, D. E. Society's Edition.
mahābhāṣyapradīpaṭīkaname given to each of the various commentaries on the Pradipa of Kaiyata written by grammarians, out of which the commentaries of चिन्तामणि,रामचन्द्रसरस्वती, नारायण, नित्यानन्दपर्वतीय and one or two more are available in a manuscript form and those too quite incomplete.
mahābhāṣyapradīpaprakāśacalled also कैयटप्रकाश, name of the commentary on the Pradipa of Kaiyata by Nilankanthamakhi a versatile writer of the 17th century.
mahābhāṣyapradīpavivaraṇa(1)original name of the learned commentary on the 'Pradipa' of Kaiyata written by Nagesabhatta, a stalwart and epoch-making grammarian of the 18th century. The commentary is known popularly by the name 'Uddyota' or Pradipoddyota; (2) name of the commentary on Kaiyata's Pradipa by Nityaananda Parvatiya. The commentary is also known by the name दीपप्रभा.
vyākaraṇamahābhāṣyapradīpathe original name of the learned commentary on Patanjali's Mahabhasya by Kaiyatabhatta the well-known grammarian of Kashmir of the eleventh century. See प्रदीप and कैयट.
vyākaraṇamahābhāṣyapradīpavivaraṇa( )a gloss on the Mahabhasyapradipa of Kaiyata, written by ईश्वरानन्द, a pupil of सत्यानन्द; (2) a gloss on the Mahabhasyapradipa of Kaiyata by नारायण.

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