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मद् (confer, compare mand-) cl.4 P. () m/ādyati- (Epic also te-; Vedic or Veda alsocl.1. P. A1. madati-, te-;cl.3. P. mam/atti-, ttu-, mam/adat-, /amamaduḥ-; Vedic or Veda imperative m/atsi-, sva-; perfect tense mam/āda-; Aorist amādiṣuḥ-, amatsuḥ-, amatta-; subjunctive m/atsati-, sat-; future maditā-, madiṣyati- grammar; Vedic or Veda infinitive mood maditos-), to rejoice, be glad, exult, delight or revel in (instrumental case genitive case locative case,rarely accusative), be drunk (also figuratively) with (instrumental case) etc. ; to enjoy heavenly bliss (said of gods and deceased ancestors) ; to boil, bubble (as water) ; to gladden, exhilarate, intoxicate, animate, inspire : Causal d/ayati-, te- (; Aorist /amīmadat-or amamadat-; Vedic or Veda infinitive mood maday/adhyai-), to gladden, delight, satisfy, exhilarate, intoxicate, inflame, inspire etc. ; (A1.) to be glad, rejoice, be pleased or happy or at ease ; (A1.) to enjoy heavenly bliss : Desiderative mimadiṣati- grammar : Intensive māmadyate-, māmatti- ([Perhaps originally "to be moist"; confer, compare Greek ; Latin madere.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
उन्मद्(ud-mad-) P. -mādyati-, to become disordered in intellect or distracted, be or become mad or furious : Causal -madayati-, or -mādayati-, to excite, agitate (See also /un-madita-) ; to make furious or drunk, inebriate, madden : (see un-mand-,next page.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
उन्मदितmfn. mad (see /an-unmadita-.)
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pramaṃhiṣṭhīya n. N. of RV. I. 57 (which begins with the words &open;pra mamhishthâya&close;); (á)-mati, f. care, protection; provider, protector; -matta, pp. (√ mad) inattentive, careless, heedless, negligent, remiss: -sakiva, a. having a careless minister; -matha, m. Teazer, kind of sprite attendant on Siva; -mathana, a. (î) tor menting, harassing; destroying, removing; m. N. of a Dânava; n.destruction; -ma tha-nâtha, m. ep. of Siva; -matha½adhipa, m. id.; -mathin, a. tormenting, racking, harassing; -mada, m. pleasure, joy; a. intoxicated, wild, mad: â, f. handsome, buxom, lively woman; woman; -madana, n. joy of love; place of amusement, playground; -ma da-vana, n. pleasure-grove (of a prince); -madâ-gana, m. womankind, the female sex, woman; -madâ-vana, n. pleasure-grove of the women (of a prince); -madâ½âspada, n. harem, gynaeceum; -maditavya, fp. n. imps. one should be negligent regarding (ab.); -madvara, a. foolish; m. fool: â, f. N. of the wife of Ruru; -mánas, a. careful, tender; pleased, joyful; willing; -mantha, m. fire-drill (by the rotation of which fire is produced from wood); -manyu, a. indignant with, incensed against (lc.); very sad; -maya, m. death; -mará, m. death; -marana, n. dying, death; -mardaka, a. crushing, destroying; -mardana, a. crushing, destroying, annihi lating (g. or --°ree;); m. N. of a fairy; -mardi tri, m. crusher, destroyer; -mardin, a. crush ing, destroying (--°ree;); (á)-mahas, a. of great might.
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maditamo etc. see madintamo matsara indriyo.
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unmatta, pramatta, pramada, matta, unmattaka, unmadita, utkaṭa, udyuta, kuśa, dṛpta, nirdaṭa, nirdaḍa, madakala, momugha, vātahata, vātula, vātūla, sonmāda, ha, sonmāda, hatacitta, hatacetas, haripriya   

yasya buddhau ko'pi vikāraḥ asti।

bhasmarāśīkṛtaṃ svaṃ gṛhaṃ dṛṣṭvā asahāyaḥ śyāmaḥ unmattaḥ abhavat।

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