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madhyamapadalopam. the omission of the middle member of a compound (as in, śāka-pārthiva-,the king of the era, for sākapriya-pārthiva-,the king dear to the era) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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madhyamapadalopaliterally the dropping of the middle word or member ( of a compound generally) as for instance in शाकपार्थिक for शाकप्रियपार्थिव; the word मध्यमपदलोप is also used in the sense of a compound. The compounds which have the middle word dropped are enumerated by the Vārttikakāra under the Vārttika शाकपार्थिवादीनां मध्यमपदलेापश्च Bh. Vṛ. II.1.60 Vārttika (on the Sūtra of Pāṇini).; cf also Kātantra vyākaraṇa Sūtra.II.6.30.
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