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madhyakaumudīf. equals madhya-sid-dhānta-kaumudī- q.v View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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madhyakaumudī f. T. of a grammar = madhya-siddhânta-kaumudî; -ga, a. moving in the midst of, being in, on, or among, contained in, abiding among, be ing common to (g. or --°ree;); -gata,pp. being in the midst of, between, or among (g. or --°ree;); -kârin, a. moving in the midst of or among (g.).
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madhyakaumudīcalled also मध्यमकौमुदी a work on grammar which is an abridgment, to a certain extent, of Bhaṭṭojī's Siddhāntakaumudī. The treatise was written by Varadarāja, a pupil of Bhaṭṭojī for facilitating the study of the Siddhānta-kaumudi.

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