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durodaraḥ3.3.179NeuterSingularcamūjaghanam, hastasūtram, pratisaraḥ
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mūjavatm. Name of a mountain View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mūjavatm. plural Name of a people View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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mūjavant Is the name of a people who, along with the Mahāvṛṣas, the Gandhāris, and the Balhikas, are mentioned in the Atharvaveda as dwelling far away, and to whom fever is to be banished. Similarly in the Yajurveda Samhitās the Mūjavants are chosen as a type of distant folk, beyond which Rudra with his bow is entreated to depart. In the Rigveda Soma is described as Maujavata, coming from the Mūjavants,’ or, as Yāska takes it, ‘ from Mount Mūjavant.’ The Indian commentators agree with Yāska in taking Mūjavant as the name of a mountain, and though Hillebrandt is justified in saying that the identification of Mūjavant by Zimmer with one of the lower hills on the south-west of Kaśmīr lacks evidence, it is not reasonable to deny that Mūjavant was a hill from which the people took their name. Yāska suggests that Mūjavant is equivalent to Muñjavant, which actually occurs later, in the Epic, as the name of a mountain in the Himālaya.

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