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lumpanti: third person plural present present class 6 parasmaipadalup
lumpanti: neuter accusative plural stem: lumpat.
lumpanti: neuter nominative plural stem: lumpat.
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avalupP. A1. (3. plural -lumpanti-) to cut or take off ; to take away by force, wrest , to suppress, extinguish ; to rush or dash upon (as a wolf on his prey) (see vṛkāvalupta-.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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lumpanti and loot (his house)SB 10.41.36
vilumpanti they plunderedSB 4.27.14
vilumpanti plunder, regularly taking away all the possessionsSB 5.13.2
vilumpanti kidnappedSB 5.13.10
vilumpanti they plunderSB 5.14.2
vilumpanti plunderSB 5.26.27
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