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lubhyati: third person singular present present class 4 parasmaipadalubh
lubhyati: neuter locative singular stem: lubhyat.
lubhyati: masculine locative singular stem: lubhyat.
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lubh cl.6 P. lubhati- (only ) or cl.4 P. l/ubhyati- (perfect tense lulubhe- ; Aorist alubhat-,or alobhīt- grammar; future lobdhā-,or lobhitā-, lobhiṣyati- ; infinitive mood lobdhum- ; ind.p. lobhitvā- lubhitvā-, lubdhvā- grammar), to be perplexed or disturbed, become disordered, go astray ; to desire greatly or eagerly, long for, be interested in (dative case or locative case) etc. ; to entice, allure : Causal lobh/ayati-, te- (Aorist alūlubhat- ; Passive voice lobhyate- ), to confound, bewilder, perplex, derange ; to cause to desire or long for, excite lust, allure, entice, attract etc. ; to efface (confer, compare Causal of lup-): Desiderative of Causal lulobhayiṣati-, see, ā- - lubh-: Desiderative lulubhiṣati- or lulobhiṣati- grammar : Intensive lolubhyate- (grammar also lolobdhi-), to have a vehement desire for (locative case) [ confer, compare Latin lubet,libet,libido; Gothic liufs; German liob,lieb,lieben; Anglo-Saxon leo4f; English lief,love.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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