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lipyate: third person singular passive system present class lip
Bloomfield Vedic
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na karmaṇā lipyate pāpakena # śB.; TB.; BṛhU.4.4.28d; BDh. Cf. next but one.
na karma lipyate nare # VS.40.2d; īśāU.2d. Cf. prec. but one.
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lipyate becomes involvedSB 4.26.7
lipyate can be boundIso 2
lipyate is affectedBG 5.10
lipyate is attachedBG 18.17
lipyate is entangledBG 5.7
na lipyate nor is he entangledBG 13.32
na lipyate nor is he entangledBG 13.32
upalipyate mixesBG 13.33
upalipyate mixesBG 13.33
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