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lipya: Gerund (-ya)lip
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avalipP. (indeclinable -lipya-) to smear, : A1. (parasmE-pada -limpamāna-) to smear one's self. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
lip (cf rip-) cl.6.1.P. A1. () limp/ati-, te- (perfect tense lilepa-. etc.; Aorist alipat- ; alispata-, alipta- grammar; -alipsata- ; future lepta1-, lepsyati-, te- grammar; infinitive mood leptum- ; ind.p. -lipya- etc.) , to smear, besmear, anoint with (instrumental case), stain, soil, taint, pollute, defile etc. ; to inflame, kindle, burn : Passive voice lipyate- (Epic also ti-; Aorist alepi-), to be smeared etc. ; to be attached to (locative case), stick, adhere : ; Causal lepayati- (Aorist alīlipat-), to cause to smear etc. ; to smear or anoint anything (accusative) with (instrumental case) or on (locative case) ; to cover ; to cast blame on any one ; (limpayati-), to smear anything (accusative) with (instrumental case): Desiderative lilipsati-, te- grammar : Intensive leliyate-, lelepti- [ confer, compare Greek , Latin lippus; Lithuanian li4pti; Gothic bileiban; Germ,bili4ian,bli7ben,bleiben,leben,Leib; Anglo-Saxon libban; English live,life.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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na karmaṇā lipyate pāpakena # śB.; TB.; BṛhU.4.4.28d; BDh. Cf. next but one.
na karma lipyate nare # VS.40.2d; īśāU.2d. Cf. prec. but one.
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lipyase are contaminatedSB 6.13.8-9
lipyate becomes involvedSB 4.26.7
lipyate can be boundIso 2
lipyate is affectedBG 5.10
lipyate is attachedBG 18.17
lipyate is entangledBG 5.7
ālipya smearing the bodySB 8.16.26
na lipyate nor is he entangledBG 13.32
na lipyate nor is he entangledBG 13.32
upalipyate mixesBG 13.33
upalipyate mixesBG 13.33
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