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(see -) cl.9 P. () lināti-, to adhere, obtain (not usually found) ; cl.1 P. layati- (), to melt, liquefy, dissolve (not usually found) ; cl.4 A1. () l/īyate- (Vedic or Veda also yate-; perfect tense lilye-, lilyuḥ- etc.; lilāya-, lalau- grammar; Aorist aleṣṭa- ; alaiṣīt-, alāsīt-, alāsta- grammar; future letā-, lātā-; leṣyati-or lāsyati-, te- ; infinitive mood letumorla1tum ; ind.p. -lāyam- ; līya- etc.) , to cling or press closely, stick or adhere to (locative case) etc. ; to remain sticking ; to lie, recline, alight or settle on, hide or cower down in (locative case), disappear, vanish etc.: Causal P. lāpayati- or lāyayati-, to cause to cling etc. etc. ; A1. lāpayate-, to deceive ; to obtain honour ; to humble : Desiderative lilīṣati-, te- grammar : Intensive lelīyate-, lelayīti-, leleti- (see lelāya-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vilīA1. -līyate- (perfect tense -lilyuh- ; future -letā-,or -lātā-; ind.p. -līya-or -lāya- ), to cling or cleave or adhere to ; to hide or conceal one's self, disappear etc. ; to be dissolved, melt etc. etc.: Causal -lāpayati- or -lāyayati- or -lālayati- or -līnayati- (), to cause to disappear, destroy ; to cause to be dissolved or absorbed in (locative case) ; to make liquid, dissolve, melt View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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