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lihya: Gerund (-ya)lih
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avalihP. -leḍhi- (imperfect tense avāleṭ-; Potential -lihet-[ ]or -lihyāt-; ind.p. -lihya-; rarely A1. sg. -lihe- ) to lick, lap etc.: Intensive (parasmE-pada -lelihat-) to flicker (as a flame) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
lih (later form of rih-) cl.2 P. A1. () leḍhi-, līḍhe- (Epic also lihati-; perfect tense lileha-, lilihe- grammar; future leḍhā-, lekṣyati-, te- ; Aorist alikṣat-, alikṣata-and alīḍha- ; infinitive mood leḍhum- ; ind.p. līḍhvā- ) to lick, lap, lick at (locative case), taste, sip, take any food by licking or lapping etc. ; to lick up = destroy (said of an arrow) ; Causal leh/ayati- (Aorist alīlihat-), to cause to lick ; to apply as an electuary : Desiderative lilikṣati-, te- grammar : Intensive lelihyati-, leleḍhi- (parasmE-pada lelihat- hyat-, hyamana-or hāna- q.v), to lick frequently or constantly, play with the tongue [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin lingo; Slavonic or Slavonian liz5ati; Lithuanian le14z3ti; German le0ccho7n,lecken; Anglo-Saxon liccian; English lick.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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