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labh (confer, compare rabh-) cl.1 A1. () labhate- (Epic also ti-and lambhate-; perfect tense lebh/e-, Epic also lalābha-; Aorist alabdha-, alapsata- ; preceding lapsīya- ; future labdhā- grammar; lapsyate-, ti- etc.; labhiṣyati- ; infinitive mood labdhum- ; ind.p. labdhv/ā- etc.; -labhya-, -lambham- etc.; lābham- ), to take, seize, catch ; catch sight of, meet with, find etc. etc. (with antaram-,to find an opportunity, make an impression, be effective;with avakāśam-,to find scope, be appropriate;with kālam-,to find the right time or moment) ; to gain possession of, obtain, receive, conceive, get, receive ("from" ablative;"as" accusative), recover (with garbham-,"to conceive an embryo","become pregnant";with padam-,to obtain a footing) ; to gain the power of (doing anything), succeed in, be permitted or allowed to (infinitive mood or dative case exempli gratia, 'for example' labhate draṣṭum-,or darśanāya-,"he is able or allowed to see") etc. ; to possess, have ; to perceive, know, understand, learn, find out : Passive voice labhy/ate- (Epic also ti-; Aorist alābhi-or alambhi-,with preposition only alambhi-; confer, compare ), to be taken or caught or met with or found or got or obtained etc. ; to be allowed or permitted (infinitive mood sometimes with pass. sense exempli gratia, 'for example' dharmo labhyate kartum-,"injustice ought not to be done", confer, compare above) ; to follow, result ; to be comprehended by (ablative) : Causal lambhayati-, te- (Aorist alalambhat-), to cause to take or receive or obtain, give, bestow (generally with two accusative;rarely with accusative and instrumental case = to present with;in with two accusative and instrumental case; confer, compare ) etc. ; to get, procure (confer, compare lambhita-) ; to find out, discover ; to cause to suffer ; Desiderative l/ipsate- (mc. also ti- līpsate-), to wish to seize or take or catch or obtain or receive (with accusative or genitive case;"from" ablative) : Intensive lālabhyate-, lālambhīti- or lālabdhi- grammar ([ Greek , ; Latin labor; Lithuanian la4bas, l/obis-.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pralabhA1. -labhate-, to lay hold of, seize ; to get, obtain ; to overreach, cheat, deceive, befool : Causal -lambhayati-, to cheat, deceive View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pratilabhA1. -labhate-, to receive back, recover etc. ; to obtain, gain, partake of (accusative) ; to get back id est get punished ; to learn, understand ; to expect : Passive voice -labhyate-, to be obtained or met with, appear : Causal -lambhayati-, to provide or present with (instrumental case), HParit. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ullamb(ud-lamb-), Causal P. -lambayati-, to hang up, hang View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
upalabhA1. -labhate-, to seize, get possession of, acquire, receive, obtain, find etc. ; (with garbham-) to conceive, become pregnant ; to perceive, behold, hear ([ confer, compare Greek ]) , to understand, learn, know, ascertain etc.: Causal P. -lambhayati-, to cause to obtain or take possession ; to cause to hear or learn or know on vArttika 2 on ; to cause to be known or distinguished : Desiderative (parasmE-pada -l/ipsamāna- ) to wish to catch or grasp. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vilabhA1. -labhate-, to part asunder, separate ; to take away, remove (dung from a stable) ; to procure, bestow, grant, consign, hand over, deliver up etc. ; to choose, elect : Causal -lambhayati-, to cause to receive or fall to the share of (two accusative) : Desiderative -lipsate-, to desire to divide or distribute
vipralabhA1. -labhate-, to insult, violate, to mock at, take in, cheat, deceive etc. ; to regain, recover (Bombay edition) (Calcutta edition pra-vi-l-,prob. wrong reading for prati-l-): Causal -lambhayati-, to mock, insult, violate View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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