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lamb (confer, compare 1. ramb-) cl.1 A1. () l/ambate- (mc. also ti-; perfect tense lalambe- etc.; Aorist alambiṣṭa- grammar; future lambitā- ; lambiṣyati- ; infinitive mood lambitum- ; ind.p. -lambya- ), to hang down, depend, dangle, hang from or on (locative case) etc. ; to sink, go down, decline, fall, set (as the sun) etc. ; to be fastened or attached to, cling to, hold or rest on (locative case) ; to fall or stay behind, be retarded ; to tag, loiter, delay, tarry : Causal lambayati- (Aorist alalambat-), to cause to hang down or depend, let down ; to hang up, suspend ; to cause to be attached or joined ; to stretch out, extend (the hand) for (dative case) ; (prob.) to depress, discourage (Calcutta edition laṅghayitvā-for lambayitvā-): Desiderative lilambiṣate-, to be about to sink or decline varia lectio ([ confer, compare Greek ; Latin labi,labare,labes; German lappa,Lappen; English lap,limp.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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