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kuśrior k/uśri- m. Name of a teacher View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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kuśri कुश्रिः N. of a sage; उपवेशिः कुश्रेः Bṛi. Up.6.5.3.
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kuśri vājaśravasa Appears as a teacher concerned with the lore of the sacred fire in the Satapatha Brāhmana, and in the last Vamśa (list of teachers) of the Brhadāranyaka Upanisad he is mentioned as a pupil of Vājaśravas. It is not clear whether he is identical with the Kuśri of the last Vamśa of the Brhadāranyaka in the Kānva recension, and of the Vamśa in the tenth book of the śatapatha, who is mentioned as a pupil of Yajñavacas Rājastambāyana.

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