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kriyākaumudīf. Name of work by govindānanda-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dānakriyākaumudīf. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prakriyākaumudīf. Name of gram. work
prakriyākaumudīf. Name (also title or epithet) of gram. work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prakriyākaumudīvṛttif. Name of gram. work
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prakriyākaumudīa well-known work on Sanskrit Grammar by रामचन्द्रशेष of the 15th century, in which the subject matter of the eight chapters of Panini's grammar is arranged into several different sections forming the different topics of grammar. It is similar to, and possibly. the predecessor of, the Siddhanta Kaumudi which has a similar arrangement. The work was very popular before the Siddhinta Kaumudi was written. it has got many commentaries numbering about a dozen viz. प्रक्रियाप्रसाद, प्रक्रियाप्रकाश, प्रक्रियाप्रदीप, अमृतस्तुति, प्रक्रियाव्याकृति,निर्मलदर्पण,तत्वचन्द्र, प्रक्रियारञ्जन, प्रक्रियाविवरण and others of which the Prasada of Vitthalesa and the Prakasa of Srikrsna are the wellknown ones.
prakriyākaumudīvṛtticalled also प्रक्रियाकौमुदीव्याख्या or even कृष्णपण्डिता ( वृत्ति ) written by a learned grammarian named Krsnapandita belonging to the famous Sesa family of grammarians.
prakriyākaumudīsāraa commentary on Ramacandra's Prakriyakaumud by a grammarian named Kasinatha
rūpāvatāraa well-known work on word formation written by धर्मकीर्ति a Jain grammarian of the twelfth century. Scholars believe that this work was the first work of the form of topics which was taken as a model by the authors of the Prakriyākaumudī and the Siddhāntakaumudī.

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