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krandat: neuter nominative singular stem: krandat.
krandat: neuter accusative singular stem: krandat.
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आक्रन्द्P. -krandati- (Aorist 3. plural ākrandiṣuḥ- ) to shout out ; to invoke, call for help : P. A1. to cry with sorrow, lament, weep etc.: Causal (imperative 2. sg. -krandaya-) to inspire (courage) by its sound (as a drum) ; (parasmE-pada -krand/ayat-) to shout at, roar at ; to cry without interruption : to cause to lament or weep View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
अवक्रन्द्(Imper. -krandatu-,2. sg. -kranda-; Aorist -cakradat, 2. sg: cakradas-) to cry out, roar Caus. (Aorist acikradat-) to rush down upon (accusative) with a loud cry View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
क्रन्द् cl.1 P. A1. kr/andati-, krandate- (varia lectio kradate-fr. krad- ; subjunctive kr/andat-; imperfect tense krandat-and /akrandat-; Aorist 2. sg. kradas-, cakradas-,and /akrān-,3. sg. akrān-and /akrān-; akrandīt- ; parasmE-pada kr/andat-), to neigh (as a horse), roar (metaphorically applied to the clouds and to wind and water) ; to creak (as a wheel) ; to sound, make a noise ; to cry piteously, weep, lament, grieve, be confused with sorrow etc. ; to call out piteously to any one (accusative) (perf. cakranda-) : Causal krandayati- (Aorist /acikradat-,3. plural dan-), to cause to roar ; to cause to weep or lament ; to roar, rave ; to neigh after (accusative) : Intensive P. k/anikrantti- (A1. ntte- ; parasmE-pada k/anikradat-,once k/anikrat- ; parasmE-pada A1. kanikrady/amana- ) , to neigh, roar, rave, cry out ; to creak, crackle ; ([ confer, compare Gothic gre1ta,"to lament."]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
निक्रन्द्cl.1 P. -krandati-, (Aorist ny-akrandīt-), to cry from above (as a bird on a tree) : Causal -krandayati-, to cause to roar View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
समाक्रन्द्P. A1. -krandati-, te-, to cry out together, cry or lament piteously View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Macdonell Vedic Search
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krand krand bellow. I. P. krándati. abhí- bellow towards, v. 83, 7.
Bloomfield Vedic
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krandate svāhā VS.22.7; TS.; MS.3.12.3: 160.12; KSA.1.10.
abhikrandaty oṣadhīḥ # AVś.8.7.21b; 11.4.3b,4b.
avakrandate svāhā # TS.; KSA.1.10. See avakrandāya.
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krandatām who are cryingSB 10.64.37-38
krandatīm cryingSB 9.15.26
ākrandate cries loudly (remembering the transcendental qualities of the Lord)SB 7.7.35
sańkrandataḥ crying outSB 10.16.19
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