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kramitum: Infinitivekram
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ākramP. A1. (parasmE-pada P. -krāmat- ; parasmE-pada A1. ā-kr/amamāṇa- ; Aorist ā-akramīt- ; perf. p. A1. -cakramāṇ/a- ; ind.p. -kr/amya- etc.) to step or go near to, come towards, approach, visit etc. ; to step or tread upon (accusative [ etc.] or locative case [ ]) ; (ind.p. -kramya-) to hold fast with the hands, seize ; to attack, invade (Inf. -kramitum-) ; (in astronomy) to eclipse ; to undertake, begin (with infinitive mood) : A1. -kramate- (; future parasmE-pada -kraṃsy/amāna-) to rise, mount, ascend etc.: Causal -kramayati-, to cause to come or step near ; to cause any one (instrumental case) to enter into (accusative) : Desiderative -cikraṃsate-, to wish to ascend View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
niṣkramP. A1. -krāmati-, -kramate- (-kramati- ind.p. -kramya-; infinitive mood -krāmitum-, -kramitum-,or -krāntuṃ-), to go out, come forth, go or come from (ablative,rarely genitive case), depart etc. ; to leave (worldly life) ; (in dramatic language) to make an exit: Causal -krāmayati- (Passive voice -krāmyate-), to cause to go out, drive or let out, deliver View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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