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kramayya: Gerund (-ya)kram
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saṃkramP. A1. -krāmati-, -kramate-, to come together, meet, encounter ; to come near, approach, appear etc. ; to enter a constellation (said of the sun) ; to go or pass over or through, pass from (ablative) into (locative case or accusative) etc. ; to overstep, transgress ; to go along, wander, roam : Causal -krāmayati- (ind.p. -kramayya-), to cause to go, lead to (accusative) ; to transfer, transport, deliver over, consign (with accusative of thing and locative case of Persian) etc. ; to bring two words together (in the krama- [ q.v ], by omitting those between) ; to agree View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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