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कियत्mfn. (fr. 1. ki- ), how great? how large? how far? how much? of what extent? of what qualities? etc. (Ved. locative case k/iyāti-with following -,how long ago? since what time? ; kiyaty adhvani-,at what distance? how far off? ; kiyad etad-,of what importance is this to(genitive case) ; tena kiyān arthah-,what profit arises from that? ; kiyac ciram- long? ; kiyac cireṇa-,in how long a time? how soon? ; kiyad dūre-,how far? ; kiyad rodimi-,what is the use of my weeping? ; kiyad asubhis-,what is the use of living? ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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