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kirate: neuter dative singular stem: kirat.
kirate: masculine dative singular stem: kirat.
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अपकॄA1. apa-s-kirate- () to scrape with the feet ; (see ava-s-kṝ-): P. apa-kirati-, to spout out, spurt, scatter commentator or commentary ; to throw down View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
अवकॄ -kirati- (imperfect tense avākirat-; ind.p. -kīrya-) to pour out or down, spread, scatter, etc. ; (Potential -k/iret-) to spill one's semen virile (see /ava-kīrṇa-and rṇin-below) ; to shake off, throw off, leave ; to bestrew, pour upon, cover with, fill etc.: Passive voice -kīryate- (perf. -cakre- ,according to commentator or commentary also A1. -kirate- Aorist avākirṣṭa-) to extend in different directions, disperse, pass away ; A1. (Aorist 3. plural avākīrṣata-) to fall off, become faithless, , (see ava-s-kṝ-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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adhi bhruvoḥ kirate reṇum ṛñjan # RV.4.38.7d.
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