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kavikalpadrumam. Name of a metrical collection of roots written by vopa-deva-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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kavikalpadrumaa treatise on roots written by Bopadeva, the son of Keśava and the pupil of Dhaneśa who lived in the time of Hemādri, the Yādava King of Devagiri in the thirteenth century. He has written a short grammar work named Mugdhabodha which has been very popular in Bengal being studied in many Tols or Pāṭhaśālās.
kavikalpadrumaṭīkāa commentary on the Kavikalpadruma, written by the author ( बोपदेव ) himselfeminine. It is known by the name Kāvyakāmadhenu; (2) a commentary on Kavikalpadruma by Rāmatarkavāgīśa.
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