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kavicandram. Name of various authors (of the kāvyacandrikā-;of the dhātu-candrikā-;of the ratnāvalī-;of the rāmacandra-campū-;of the śānti-candrikā-;of the sārala-harī- grammar;of a book named stavāvali-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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kavicandraauthor of a small treatise on grammar called Sārasatvarī. He lived in the seventeenth century A.D. He was a resident of Darbhaṅgā. Jayakṛṣṇa is also given as the name of the author of the Sārasatvarī grammar and it is possible that Jayakṛṣṇa was given the title, or another name, Kavicandra.
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