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खु cl.1 A1. khavate-, to sound View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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agnaye tapasvate janadvate pāvakavate svāhā # AB.7.8.4; Apś.9.9.14.
agnaye 'nīkavate prathamajān ālabhate # VS.24.16; MS.3.13.14: 171.6; Apś.20.14.10. P: agnaye 'nīkavate Apś.20.15.5.
agnaye 'nīkavate prātar aṣṭākapālaḥ # MS.1.10.1: 140.13; KS.9.5.
agnaye 'nīkavate rohitāñjir anaḍvān # VS.29.59; TS.; KSA.8.3.
indrāya tvārkavate # Apś.21.21.16; Mś. (bis).
indrāya tvārkavate juṣṭaṃ gṛhṇāmi # Apś.21.21.16.
nāsikavate (KSA. -kāvate) svāhā # TS.; KSA.5.3.
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