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kasmin: masculine locative singular stem: ka
kasmin: neuter locative singular stem: ka
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- and api- are not so common, but the latter is often found in classical Sanskrit (exempli gratia, 'for example' kaścid-,any one; kecid-,some; na kaścid-,no one; na kiṃcid api-,nothing whatsoever; yaḥ kaścid-,any one whatsoever; kecit-- kecit-,some - others; yasmin kasmin vā deśe-,in any country whatsoever; na ko 'pi-,no one; na kimapi-,nothing whatever) . ka- may sometimes be used, like 2. kad-, at the beginning of a compound. See ka-pūya-, etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
क्वind. kva cid- equals kasminiś-cid- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
प्रयोजनn. kasmai prayojanāya-, kasmāt prayojanāt-, kasya prayojanasya-and kasmin prayojane- idem or 'n. kena prayojanena-, from what cause or motive ? ' on View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
यत्रind. (in veda- also y/atrā-;fr. 3. ya-,correlative of t/atra-,and often used for the locative case of the relative pronoun) in or to which place, where, wherein, wherever, whither etc. (yatra yatra-,"wherever","whithersoever"; yatra tatra-or yatra tatrāpi-,"anywhere whatever"or equals yasmiṃs tasmin-,"in whatever"; yatra tatra dine-,"on any day whatever"; yatra kutra-,with or without cit-or api-,"everywhere"or equals yasmin kasmin-,"in whatever"; y/atra kv/a ca-or yatra kva cana-,"wherever","in any place whatever","whithersoever"; yatra kva ca-,"anywhere whatever"; yatra kvāpi-,"to any place","hither and thither"; yatra vā-,"or elsewhere") View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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kāra a. (î) making, producing, fashion ing, performing; m. maker (--°ree;); fashioner, author; making, action; --°ree;, sound, letter; uninflected word; -aka, a. (-ikâ) making, producing, causing, performing (g. or --°ree;); *about to do (ac.); effecting an object; m. maker, fashioner; agent; n. relation of noun to verb, case-notion; -ana, --°ree;, a. making, causing, producing; n. (--°ree;, f. î) cause, occasion, motive (g., lc.,--°ree;); prime cause, element; basis; argument, proof; means, instrument; organ of sense; in., ab., lc., °ree;--, from some cause: w. kena, kasmât, kasmin, for what reason? why? kim kâranam, why? ab. for the sake of (g., --°ree;); kenâpi kâranena, for some reason or other; yat kâranam, yena kâranena, because.
kva ad.=lc. of ka; where? whither? often emphasized with the pcls. áha, íd, iva, nu, nu khalu, and svid: kva svid also= somewhere; with bhû and as=what has be come of --?=it is all over with; kva tadga tam, how about that? without verb=it is out of the question; kva--kva, expressing incon gruity=how great is the difference between --and--, there is nothing in common between -and --; with api and kid=kasmin+api or kid; somewhere, in a certain place; some time, once; sometimes, ever; kvakit kva- kid, here and there, now and then; kvakid kvakid, here--there; now--now; kva½api, kva kit, kvaka, kvakana, withna, nowhere, in no case, never, with preceding yatra, wher ever, whenever, in whatever case.
svavāsinī f. half-grown girl still living in her own father's house (=su-); -vigraha, m. own body: ac.=oneself; -vi dhi, m.: in. in one's own way; in the right way, duly; -vidheya, fp. to be done by oneself; -vishaya, m. own country, home; own sphere or province: kasmins kit svavi shaye, in some part of his kingdom; (á) vrikti, f. (RV.1) self-appropriation: in. pl. =exclusively for ourselves; -vritti, f. own way of life; own subsistence or existence; independence: in. sg. pl. at the sacrifice of one's own life; -vairitâ, f. hostility towards oneself: niga½âyushah -m kri,=take one's own life; -sakti, f. own power or strength; energy (of a god): in. to the best of one's ability.
Bloomfield Vedic
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kasmin sāsya hutāhutiḥ JB.1.20c; śB.
kasminn ā yatatho jane RV.5.74.2c.
kasminn aṅga ṛtam asyādhyāhitam AVś.10.7.1b.
kasminn aṅge tapo asyādhi tiṣṭhati AVś.10.7.1a. Designated as skambha, CūlikāU.11.
kasminn aṅge tiṣṭhati bhūmir asya AVś.10.7.3a.
kasminn aṅge tiṣṭhaty antarikṣam AVś.10.7.3b.
kasminn aṅge tiṣṭhaty āhitā dyauḥ AVś.10.7.3c.
kasminn aṅge tiṣṭhaty uttaraṃ divaḥ AVś.10.7.3d.
kasminn aṅge satyam asya pratiṣṭhitam AVś.10.7.1d.
ekasminn adhi puṣkare # AVP.3.15.2b.
ekasmin pātre adhy uddharainam # AVś.12.3.36d.
ekasmin yoge bhuraṇā samāne # RV.7.67.8a.
ekasmin viddhe sarve 'rupyam # AVP.8.15.7c.
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kasmin for what reasonSB 7.10.52
kasmin in whatSB 11.5.19
kasmin in whichSB 1.4.3
SB 6.16.4
kasmin cit sometimes, in some placeSB 7.13.38
kasmin cit sometimes, in some placeSB 7.13.38
eka-ekasmin in each islandSB 5.1.33
eka-ekasmin in one after anotherSB 5.22.15
eka-ekasmin in one after anotherSB 5.22.16
eka-ekasmin upon each oneSB 10.63.18
ekasmin in oneBG 18.22
ekasmin simultaneouslySB 3.3.8
ekasmin aloneSB 4.27.17
eka-ekasmin in each islandSB 5.1.33
eka-ekasmin in one after anotherSB 5.22.15
eka-ekasmin in one after anotherSB 5.22.16
ekasmin on oneSB 5.25.2
ekasmin oneSB 10.14.43
ekasmin in oneSB 10.42.38
ekasmin sameSB 10.59.42
eka-ekasmin upon each oneSB 10.63.18
ekasmin in one (element)SB 11.22.8
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