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kartave([ and ]) and k/artav/ai- ([ ]) , Vedic or Veda infinitive mood of 1. kṛ-, to do q.v View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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kartave kár-tave, dat. inf. of kṛ do, i. 85, 9.
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kartave V. d. inf. of √ kri: -távya (or ã), fp. to be done, &c. (v. √ kri); n. affair, business; what should be done, duty: -tâ, f. duty.
Bloomfield Vedic
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indrasya vāyoḥ sakhyāya kartave # RV.9.86.20d. See prec. but one.
dhatta indro nary apāṃsi kartave # RV.1.85.9c.
nakīm indro nikartave # RV.8.78.5a.
puṃse putrāya vettavai (BṛhU.śB. vittaye; MG. kartavai; KS.VārG. kartave) # KS.35.18b; śB.; TB.; BṛhU.6.4.19c; Apś.9.2.3c; ApMB.1.3.14; HG.1.20.2c; MG.1.10.15b; JG.1.21c; VārG.14.13b.
yad īm uśmasi kartave karat tat # RV.10.74.6d; AB.3.22.4d.
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