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kandarpaketum. Name of a prince View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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vāsava वासव a. (-वी f.) [वसुरेव स्वार्थे अण् वसूनि सन्त्यस्य अण् वा] 1 Relating to the Vasus. -2 Belonging to Indra; पाण्डुतां वासवी दिगयासीत् K.; वासवीनां चमूनाम् Me.45. -वः N. of Indra; स वासवेनासनसंनिकृष्टमितो निषीदेति विसृष्टभूमिः Ku.3.2; R.5.5. -वम् The constellation Dhaniṣṭhā. -Comp. -अनुजः Viṣṇu or Kṛiṣṇa; स्मितपूर्वमुवाचेदं भगवान् वासुवानुजः Mb.12.46.1. -चापः a rainbow. -दत्ता 1 N. of a work by Subandhu. -2 N. of a heroine of several stories. [Different writers give different accounts of this lady. According to Kathāsaritsāgara she was the daughter of king Chaṇḍamahāsena of Ujjayinī and was carried off by Udayana, king of Vatsa. Śrīharṣa represents her to be the daughter of king Pradyota (see Ratn.1.1.), and, according to Mallinātha's comment on the line प्रद्योतस्य प्रियदुहितरं वत्सराजो$त्र जह्रे she was the daughter of Pradyota, king of Ujjayinī. Bhavabhūti says that she was betrothed by her father to king Sañjaya, but that she offered herself to Udayana; (see Māl.2.). But the Vāsavadattā of Subandhu has nothing in common with the story of Vatsa, except the name of the heroine, as she is represented to have been betrothed by her father to Puṣpaketu, but carried off by Kandarpaketu. It is probable that there were several heroines bearing the name Vāsavadattā.] -दिश् f. the east.
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kandarpaketu noun (masculine) name of a prince (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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ekaḥ rājaputraḥ ।

kandarpaketoḥ ullekhaḥ hitopadeśe asti

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