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kalpate: third person singular present present class 1 ātmanepadakḷp
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kḷp cl.1 A1. k/alpate- (; perf. cakḷpe-,3. plural cākḷpr/e- future kalpiṣyate-and kalpsy-[3. dual number kalpsyete- ; vv.ll. kḷps-and klaps-],or kalpsyati-; Conditional akalpiṣyata-,or lpsyat-; 1st future kalpitā-or kalptā-[see ]; Aorist akḷpta-or pat-; proper and perf. only A1. ), to be well ordered or regulated, be well managed, succeed etc. ; to bear suitable relation to anything, correspond, be adapted to, in accordance with, suitable to (instrumental case) etc. ; to be fit for (locative case) ; to accommodate one's self to, be favourable to, subserve, effect (with dative case) etc. ; to partake of (dative case) etc. ; to fall to the share, be shared or partaken by (locative case dative case or genitive case exempli gratia, 'for example' yajñ/o dev/eṣu kalpatām-,"let the sacrifice be shared by the gods") ; to become (with Nominal verb) ; (with dative case [ Va1rtt. 2 ] ) ; to happen, occur ; to prepare, arrange ; to produce, cause, effect, create (with accusative) ; to declare as, consider as (with double accusative) (perf. p. kḷptavat-): Causal P. A1. kalp/ayati-, te-, (Aorist acīkḷpat-or cākḷpat-[ ] subjunctive cīkḷpāti- ), to set in order, arrange, distribute, dispose ; to bring into suitable connection with ; to prepare, arrange etc. ; to fit out, furnish with (instrumental case) ; to help any one in obtaining anything (dative case or locative case or genitive case) ; to fix, settle ; to declare as, consider as (with double accusative exempli gratia, 'for example' mātaram enāṃ kalpayantu-,"let them consider her as their mother" ) etc. ; to make, execute, bring about etc. ; to frame, form, invent, compose (as a poem etc.), imagine ; to perform (as a ceremony etc.) ; to trim, cut ; (in Prakrit) ; to pronounce a formula or verse which contains the kḷp- : Desiderative cikḷpsati- or cikalpiṣate- ; ([ confer, compare Gothic hilpa; English help; German helfe; Lithuanian gelbmi.])
avakḷp -kalpate-, to correspond to, answer, be right etc. ; to be fit for, serve to (dative case) : Causal , -kalpayati-, to put in order, prepare, make ready etc. ; to employ becomingly ; to consider as possible : Desiderative of Causal (imperfect tense 3. plural avācikalpayiṣan-) to wish to prepare or to make ready View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prakḷpA1. -kalpate- (rarely P. ti-), to prosper, succeed ; to be fit or suitable (with infinitive mood) : Causal -kalpayati-, to place in front, put at the head, honour ; to put down on (locative case) ; to appoint or elect to, select for (locative case) ; to put in the place of (genitive case) ; to contrive, invent, devise, prepare, provide etc. ; to fix, settle, determine ; to prescribe ; to make out, ascertain, calculate ; to make into, choose for (2 accusative or accusative and locative case) ; to suppose, imagine (with accusative and locative case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pratikḷpA1. -kalpate- (perfect tense -kḷpe-), to be at the service of (accusative), receive hospitably ; to regulate, arrange View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃkḷpA1. -kalpate-, to be brought about, come into existence ; to be in order or ready ; to wish, long for, be desirous of (See saṃ-kalpanīya-): Causal -kalpayati-, te-, to put together, arrange ; to produce, create ; to move or rock to and fro (the head) ; to determine, fix, settle ; to destine for (locative case) ; (with or without manasā-), to will, purpose, resolve, intend, aim at, strive after etc. etc., to imagine, fancy, take for, consider as (accusative with iva-) ; to think about, ponder, hesitate ; to perform obsequies
samupakḷpA1. -kalpate-, to be prepared or made ready together : Causal -kalpayati-, to make ready together, prepare, make ready, accomplish View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
upakḷpA1. -kalpate-, to be fit for, be ready at hand, become ; to serve as, lead to (with dative case) ; to take the shape or form of, become, be : Causal P. -kalpayati- (infinitive mood -kalpayitav/ai- ) to prepare, make ready, equip ; to procure, bring near, fetch etc. ; to allot, asign ; to put or set up, turn towards ; to arrange ; to impart, communicate ; to assume, suppose View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vikḷpA1. -kalpate-, to change or alternate, change with (instrumental case) etc. ; to be undecided or questionable or optionable ; to be doubtful or irresolute, waver, hesitate : Causal -kalpayati-, to prepare, arrange, contrive, form, fashion (in various ways) ; to choose one of two alternatives, proceed eclectically ; to call in question, prescribe variously, pronounce optional ; to combine variously, vary ; to state a dilemma ; to consider with distrust (?) ; to suppose, conjecture, imagine, presume ; to reflect upon
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kalpate achievesSB 11.5.52
kalpate amounts toSB 10.14.12
kalpate appearsSB 10.46.39
kalpate becomesBG 14.26
SB 11.21.21
kalpate becomes eligibleCC Madhya 16.186
CC Madhya 18.125
SB 3.12.31
SB 3.33.6
SB 7.10.9
kalpate becomes fitSB 6.1.12
kalpate brings aboutCC Adi 4.23
kalpate can attainSB 10.51.52
kalpate can be imaginedSB 10.6.34
kalpate capableSB 7.6.16
kalpate createSB 11.27.18
kalpate does become soSB 10.5.28
kalpate generatesSB 11.28.14
kalpate he becomes qualifiedSB 11.29.34
kalpate is capableSB 3.27.25
SB 7.8.50
kalpate is capable of displayingSB 11.24.21
kalpate is competentSB 10.81.3
kalpate is considered eligibleBG 2.15
kalpate is effectedSB 10.54.43
kalpate is eligibleCC Antya 4.194
CC Madhya 22.103
kalpate is equalSB 4.3.25
kalpate is fitSB 10.2.37
kalpate is meantCC Madhya 8.89
kalpate is qualifiedBG 18.51-53
kalpate is quite befittingCC Madhya 13.160
kalpate is to be taken that waySB 10.8.4
kalpate it is so acceptedSB 8.5.48
kalpate leadsSB 10.22.26
SB 10.82.44
SB 3.23.55
SB 3.23.56
kalpate one imaginesCC Madhya 8.40
kalpate qualifies oneSB 11.11.34-41
kalpate they are meant for administrationSB 1.8.50
kalpate to be considered readySB 4.5.8
arthatvāya kalpate should be considered in our favorSB 8.21.24
avakalpate actsSB 6.17.23
jyotiṣṭvāya upakalpate becomes fireSB 11.3.13
na kalpate is not suitableSB 7.11.33-34
arthatvāya kalpate should be considered in our favorSB 8.21.24
salilatvāya kalpate becomes waterSB 11.3.13
pralayatvāya kalpate becomes unmanifestSB 12.4.14
na kalpate is not suitableSB 7.11.33-34
pralayatvāya kalpate becomes unmanifestSB 12.4.14
salilatvāya kalpate becomes waterSB 11.3.13
upakalpate is meant forSB 1.2.9
upakalpate is suitableSB 6.18.43
upakalpate is intendedSB 10.25.17
upakalpate will produceSB 10.71.10
jyotiṣṭvāya upakalpate becomes fireSB 11.3.13

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