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bharadvājam. Name of a ṛṣi- (with the patronymic bārhaspatya-, supposed author of , and purohita- of diva-dāsa-, with whom he is perhaps identical; bharad- is also considered as one of the 7 sages and the author of a law-book) etc. (jasya a-dāra-sṛt-and a-dāra-sṛtau-, arkau-, upahavau-, gādham-, nakāni-, priśninī-, prāsāham-, bṛhat-, maukṣe-, yajñāyajñīyam-, lomanī-, vāja-karmīyam-, vāja-bhṛt-, viṣamāṇi-, vratam-, sundhyuḥ-and saindhukṣitāni-Name of sāman-s ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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