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jananam: neuter nominative singular stem: janana
jananam: masculine accusative singular stem: janana
jananam: neuter accusative singular stem: janana
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janusNeuterSingularjanma, janiḥ, utpattiḥ, udbhavaḥ, jananambirth
santatiḥ2.7.1FeminineSingularvaṃśaḥ, gotram, anvavāyaḥ, jananam, santānaḥ, kulam, abhijanaḥ, anvayaḥ
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यमm. Name of the god who presides over the pitṛ-s (q.v) and rules the spirits of the dead etc. (he is regarded as the first of men and born from vivasvat-,"the Sun" , and his wife saraṇyū-;while his brother, the seventh manu-, another form of the first man, is the son of vivasvat- and saṃjñā-, the image of saraṇyū-;his twin-sister is yamī-, with whom he resists sexual alliance, but by whom he is mourned after his death, so that the gods, to make her forget her sorrow, create night;in the veda- he is called a king or saṃgamano janānām-,"the gatherer of men", and rules over the departed fathers in heaven, the road to which is guarded by two broad-nosed, four-eyed, spotted dogs, the children of śaramā- q.v;in Post-vedic mythology he is the appointed Judge and"Restrainer"or"Punisher"of the dead, in which capacity he is also called dharmarāja-or dharma-and corresponds to the Greek Pluto and to Minos;his abode is in some region of the lower world called yama-pura-;thither a soul when it leaves the body, is said to repair, and there, after the recorder, citra-gupta-, has read an account of its actions kept in a book called agra-saṃdhānā-, it receives a just sentence;in yama- is described as dressed in blood-red garments, with a glittering form, a crown on his head, glowing eyes and like varuṇa-, holding a noose, with which he binds the spirit after drawing it from the body, in size about the measure of a man's thumb;he is otherwise represented as grim in aspect, green in colour, clothed in red, riding on a buffalo, and holding a club in one hind and noose in the other;in the later mythology he is always represented as a terrible deity inflicting tortures, called yātanā-,on departed spirits;he is also one of the 8 guardians of the world as regent of the South quarter;he is the regent of the nakṣatra- apa-bharaṇī- or bharaṇī-, the supposed author of ,of a hymn to viṣṇu- and of a law-book; yamasyārkaḥ-Name of a sāman- )
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prajananam # see prajananaḥ.
prajananam asi # TS.; Apś.18.6.2.
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janma, jātiḥ, janiḥ, jananam, janimā, utpattiḥ, udbhavaḥ, sambhavaḥ, bhavaḥ, januḥ   

astitvasya sambhavanam।

kṛṣṇasya janma mathurāyām abhavat।


gotram, santatiḥ, jananam, kulam, abhijanaḥ, santānaḥ   

kasyacit pūrvajasya kulaguroḥ vā nāmni ādhāritā bhāratīyānāṃ vaṃśānāṃ sā viśiṣṭā saṃjñā yā tasmin vaṃśe janmanaḥ eva prāpyate।

kaśyapamuneḥ nāmnā kaśyapaḥ iti gotram asti।


prasavaḥ, prasūtiḥ, sūtiḥ, sūḥ, sūtyā, jananam   

garbhamocanasya kriyā।

prasavād anantaraṃ prasūtā mṛtā।


anvayaḥ, jananam, upajananam   

vaṃśaparamparāyāṃ pitaraṃ pitāmahaṃ prapitāmahaṃ ca athavā putraṃ pautraṃ prapautraṃ ca adhikṛtya kṛtāyāṃ gaṇanāyāṃ krameṇa sthānam।

tṛtīyād anvayād anantaram asmākaṃ gṛhe kanyā ajāyata।



santānotpatteḥ kriyāḥ।

sarveṣu prāṇiṣu prajananasya kṣamatā bhinnā bhavati।


kaphaḥ, śleṣmā, śleṣmakaḥ, kledanaḥ, kledakaḥ, balahā, khaṭaḥ, nidrāsañjananam, syeduḥ   

udkāsanādikāle mukhe āgataḥ upalepaḥ।

yadā saḥ udkāsate tadā tasya mukhāt kaphaḥ āgacchati।

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