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जमदग्निm. (see 2. jam-) Name of a ṛṣi- (descendant of bhṛgu- ;son of bhārgava- ṛcīka- and father of paraśu-rāma- etc.;often named together with viśvā-mitra- as an adversary of vasiṣṭha-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
जमदग्निदत्त(m/ad-) mfn. given by jamadagni- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
जमदग्नितीर्थn. Name of a tīrtha- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
पलस्तिजमदग्निm. plural the grey-haired jamad-agni-s (prob. a branch of this family of ṛṣi-s) () View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
विश्वामित्रजमदग्निm. dual number viśvāmitra- and jamad-agni- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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jamadagni जमदग्निः A Brāhmaṇa and descendant of Bhṛigu and father of Paraśurāma. [Jamadagni was the son of Ṛichika and Satyavatī. He was a pious sage, deeply engaged in study, and is said to have obtained entire possession of the Vedas. His wife was Reṇukā who bore him five sons. One day when she had gone out to bathe, she beheld a loving pair of Gandharvas (according to some Chitraratha and his queen) sporting and playing in the water. The lovely sight made her feel envious of their pleasure, and she returned defiled by unworthy thoughts, 'wetted but not purified by the stream' Her husband, who was anger incarnate, seeing her shorn of the lustre of her sanctity, furiously scolded her, and ordered his sons, as they came in, to cut off her head. But the first four sons shrank from that cruel deed. It was only Paraśurāma, the youngest, that with characteristic obedience to his father's command, struck off her head with his axe. The deed pacified the father's anger, and he desired Paraśurāma to ask a boon. The kind-hearted son begged that his mother might be restored to life which the father readily granted.]
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jamadagni m. N. of a Rishi: -vat, ad. like Gamadagni.
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jamadagni Is one of the somewhat mythical sages of the Rigveda, where he is frequently mentioned. In some passages his name occurs in such a way as to indicate that he is the author of the hymn; once he is thus associated with Viśvā- mitra. In other passages he is merely referred to, and the Jamadagnisare mentioned once. In the Atharvaveda, as well as the Yajurveda Samhitās and the Brāhmanas, he is quite a frequent figure. Here he appears as a friend of Viśvāmitra and a rival of Vasistha. He owed his prosperity to his catū- rātra, or ‘four-night’ ritual, with which his family were also very successful. In the Atharvaveda Jamadagni is connected with Atri and Kanva, as well as Asita and Vītahavya. He was Adhvaryu priest at the proposed sacrifice of Sunahśepa.
Bloomfield Vedic
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jamadagnibhir āhutaḥ Aś.8.9.7c; śś.10.10.8c; N.7.24.
jamadagni (sc. tṛpyatu) śG.4.10.3.
jamadagni kaśyapaḥ svādv etat AVP.2.28.5a; 5.28.4c.
jamadagnim akurvate TA.1.9.6d.
jamadagnir āpyāyate TA.1.9.6a.
jamadagnir ṛṣiḥ VS.13.56; MS.2.7.19: 104.8; KS.16.19; śB. See vairājāj ja-.
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jamadagni JamadagniSB 8.13.5
SB 9.15.11
SB 9.7.22
jamadagni Satyavatī's son, JamadagniSB 9.15.11
jamadagni the father of ParaśurāmaSB 9.15.37
jamadagni the great sage JamadagniSB 9.16.24
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jamadagni noun (masculine) name of a ṣi (descendant of Bhṛgu) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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ekaḥ ṛṣiḥ yaḥ paraśurāmasya pitā āsīt।

jamadagneḥ ājñayā paraśurāmeṇa mātuḥ mastiṣkaṃ chinnam।

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