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avasṛj(subjunctive -sṛjāt-[ ] or -sṛj/at-[ ] or -sṛjat-[ ];Imper. 2. sg. -sṛj/ā-,or -sṛjā-; imperfect tense -/asṛjat-; perf. Potential -sasṛjyā- ; parasmE-pada -sṛj/at- ) to fling, throw (as arrows or the thunderbolt) etc. ; to throw or put into (locative case) , to let off, let loose, let go, send, dismiss, abandon, surrender (as to misfortune, agh/āya- ) etc. ; to give up (as one's anger etc.) , (or one's life, prāṇān-) xii, 88 ; to pardon ; (any one's life, prāṇān-) ; to deliver (a woman) ; to be delivered, bring forth ; to produce, form, shape : A1. (imperfect tense 3. plural /avāsṛjanta-) to relax, lose energy and power. ; (imperfect tense avāsṛjat-for sajat-,fr.- sañj- ) to attach to (locative case)
bhrajj cl.6 P. A1. (; confer, compare bhṛj-) bhṛjj/ati-, te- (in only forms of the proper P.,and perfect tense babhrajja-; grammar also perfect tense babhrajye-and babharja-, je-; Aorist abhrākṣīt-, abhārkṣīt-; abhārkṣīt-, abhaṣṭa-; abharṣṭa-; future bhrakṣyati-, te-, bharkṣyati-, te-; bhraṣṭā-, bharṣṭā-; infinitive mood bhraṣṭum-and bharṣṭum-; ind.p. bhṛṣṭvā-), to fry, parch, roast (especially grain) etc.: Passive voice bhṛjjyate- (Epic also ti-; parasmE-pada bhṛjjyamāna- ) : Causal bharjayati- (confer, compare bhṛj-; grammar also bhrajjayati-; Aorist ababharjat-or ababhrajjat-), to fry, roast : Desiderative bibhrakṣati-, bibharkṣati- ; bibhrajjiṣati-, bibharjiṣati- grammar : Intensive barībhṛjjyate-, bābhraṣṭi-, bābharṣṭi- [ confer, compare bhrāj-; Greek ; Latin frigere.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhuj cl.6 P. () bhuj/ati- (perfect tense bubhoja- Aorist abhaukṣīt- future bhokṣyati-and ktā- grammar;really only proper stem Aorist -/abubhojīs-and ind.p. -bhujya-after nir-and, pari-; confer, compare also bhujam-in bhujaṃ-ga-and bhujaṃgama-), to bend, curve ; (?) to sweep (confer, compare 1. bhuj/i-) : Passive voice bhujyate-, to be bent down or disheartened [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin fugio; Gothic biugan,baugjan(?); German biogan,biegen; Anglo-Saxon bu4gan; English bow.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
jātṛ j/ātya- See jāt/a-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
jātuind. some day, once, once upon a time (also with cid-following) . naj/ātu-, not at all, by no means, never etc. (also with cid-following). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
jātūbharmanetc. See j/ātu-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mṛj (confer, compare marj-, mārj-and mṛś-) cl.2 P. m/ārṣṭi- (Ved. also A1. mṛṣṭ/e-and cl.6 P. A1. mṛj/ati-, te-,3. plural mṛñjata- ; Potential mṛñjyāt- ; cl.1 P. mārjati-, te- ; perfect tense mamārja-, mamṛj/e- etc.;3. plural mamārjuḥ- ; māmṛjuḥ- ; A1. māmṛj/e-, jīta- ; Aorist amṛkṣat-, ṣata- ; amārkṣīt-and amārjīt- ; future mraṣṭā- ; mārṣṭā-or mārjitā- grammar; mrakṣyate-or mārkṣyate- etc.; mārjiṣyati- grammar; infinitive mood marṣṭum-, mārṣṭum-and mārjitum- etc.; ind.p. mṛṣvā- ; -mṛjya- ; -mārjya- ), to wipe, rub, cleanse, polish, clean, purify, embellish, adorn (A1.also "one's self") etc. ; to make smooth, curry (exempli gratia, 'for example' a horse or other animal) ; to stroke ; to wipe off or out, remove, destroy etc. ; to wipe off or transfer (impurity, debt etc.) from one's self upon (locative case) ; to carry away, win ; (mārṣṭi-), to go (): Causal or cl.10. marjayati-, te- (Ved., mārjayati-, te- etc.; Aorist amamārjat- grammar; amīmṛjanta- ; Passive voice mārjate- ), to wipe, rub, cleanse, purify, adorn etc. ; to wipe off, remove, destroy ; (marjayate-), to move about, roam (): Desiderative mimārjiṣati- and mimṛkṣati- grammar : Intensive marmṛjīti- (jm/a-, janta-, parasmE-pada jān/a-), marmṛjy/ate- ; marīmṛjy/ate- ; marmārṣṭi- grammar ; to rub or wipe off, clean, purify (A.also "one's self").[ confer, compare Greek , ; Latin mulgere; Slavonic or Slavonian mle8sti; Lithuanian mi4lsti; German,melke,Milch; English milk.]
niḥsṛjP. A1. -sṛj/ati-, te-, to pour out, shed forth ; to let loose, set free ; to separate (as words) ; to remove, destroy (as sorrow) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
parirujP. -ruj/ati-, to break from all sides View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ṛñj cl.6 P. (parasmE-pada ṛñj/at-) A1. riñjate-: cl.4 P. A1. (See abhy-ṛñj-): cl.7 A1. (3. plural ṛñjate-) to make straight or right, make proper, arrange, fit out, decorate, ornament ; to make favourable, propitiate ; to gain, obtain ; ([ confer, compare Greek ; Latin rego; Gothic rak-ja.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ruj cl.6 P. () ruj/ati- (Epic also te-; perfect tense rur/oja- etc.; Aorist 2. sg. rok- ; ruk- ; araukṣīt- grammar; future roktā-, rokṣyati- ; infinitive mood -r/uje- ; ind.p. ruktv/ā-, -r/ujya- ), to break, break open, dash to pieces, shatter, destroy etc. ; to cause pain, afflict, injure (with accusative or genitive case; confer, compare ) etc. etc.: Causal rojayati- (Aorist arūrujat-), to cause to break etc. ; to strike upon (locative case) ; (cl.10. ) to hurt, injure, kill: Desiderative rurukṣati- grammar (See rurukṣ/aṇi-): Intensive rorujyate-, rorokti-, grammar ([ confer, compare Greek ; Latin lugeo.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sṛj (see 1.2. sarj-) cl.6 P. () sṛj/ati- (Ved. and Epic also te-,and once in s/arjati-; perfect tense sasarja-, sasṛj/e-[2. sg. according to to , sasarjitha-and sasraṣṭha-,in once sasarktha-];Vedic forms are sasṛjm/ahe-, jrire-, sasṛjyāt-, asasṛgram-; parasmE-pada sasṛjān/a- q.v; sasṛgm/ahe-; Aorist asrākṣīt-; /asṛkṣi-, /asṛṣṭa-[Ved. also /asṛgram-or ran-; /asarji-; asrāk-, asrāṭ-; srās-; srakṣat-; parasmE-pada sṛjān/a- q.v ] ; future sraṣṭā- ; srakṣyati-, te- etc.; infinitive mood sraṣṭum- etc.; ind.p. sṛṣṭvā- ; -s/ṛjya- etc.; -s/argam-or -s/arjam- ), to let go or fly, discharge, throw, cast, hurl at (accusative or dative case) etc. ; to cast or let go (a measuring line) ; to emit, pour forth, shed, cause to flow (rain, streams etc.) etc. ; to utter (a sound) ; to turn or direct (glances) ; to let loose, cause (horses) to go quickly ; A1. "to speed, run, hasten" ; to release, set free ; to open (a door) ; to publish, proclaim ; to draw out and twist (a thread), twist, wind, spin (literally and figuratively; A1. sṛjyate-,"for one's self"; see on Va1rtt. 15 and ) ; (in older language only A1.) to emit from one's self id est create, procreate, produce, beget etc. ; to procure, grant, bestow etc. ; to use, employ ; to get, acquire, obtain, take (interest on money lent) ; to hang on, fasten to (locative case) (perhaps asṛjat-, wrong reading for asajat-;See sañj-): Passive voice sṛjyate- (Aorist /asarji-), to be let loose or emitted or created etc. etc.: Causal sarjayati-, te- (Aorist asasarjat-or asīsṛjat-), to cause to let loose, let go, create etc. etc.: Desiderative sisṛkṣati-, te-, to wish to send forth or hurl or throw ; (A1.) to wish to produce or create : Intensive sarīsṛjyate-, sarīsṛṣṭi- etc. grammar
tuj cl.6. (3. dual number A1. jete-; parasmE-pada P. j/at-; infinitive mood j/ase-and t/uje-; Passive voice parasmE-pada jy/amāna-), and tuñj- (3. plural P. j/anti- A1. j/ate-; parasmE-pada jān/a-, t/uñjāna-,and t/uñjamāna-), to strike, hit, push ; to press out ("t/uñjati-,to give " ) ; A1. to flow forth, ; to instigate, incite, ; Passive voice to be vexed, : cl.1. tojati-, to hurt : Causal (parasmE-pada tuj/ayat-; Aorist Potential tutujy/āt-, parasmE-pada t/ūtujāna- q.v) to promote ; to move quickly. ; tuñjayati-,"to speak"or"to shine" ; tuñj- or tojayati-, to hurt, ; to be strong ; to give or take ; to abide ; see ā-tuj/i-. 3. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ubj cl.6 P. ubj/ati- (ubjāṃ-cakāra-, ubjitā-, ubjiṣyati-, aubjīt- ) to press down, keep under, subdue ; to make straight ; to make honest on : Causal ubjayati-, aubjijat- : Desiderative ubjijiṣati- on View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vij (confer, compare vic-) cl.6 A1. vij/ate- (mc. also vijati-and vejate-,and according to to also cl.1 P. vinakti-,and cl.3 P. A1. vevekti-, vevikte-; perfect tense vivije-,3. plural jre- ; Aorist vikthās-, vikta- ; avijīt-, avijiṣṭa- grammar; future vijitā- ; vijiṣyati- ; vejiṣyati- ; infinitive mood vijitum- grammar), to move with a quick darting motion, speed, heave (said of waves) ; to start back, recoil, flee from (ablative) : Causal vejayati- (Aorist avīvijat-), to speed, accelerate ; to increase (See vejita-) ; to terrify (See idem or ' cl.10 P. () vicchayati-, to speak or to shine ; vicchāy/ati- (; see ), to go (with ny-ā-,to press or rub one's self against): Causal vicchāy/ayati-, to press, bring into straits (perhaps ) .'): Desiderative vivijiṣati- grammar : Intensive vevijy/ate- (parasmE-pada v/evijāna-), to tremble at (dative case), start or flee from (ablative) [ confer, compare German wi7chen,weichen; Anglo-Saxon wi7kan; English vigorous;weak.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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