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indrotam. "upheld or promoted by indra-", Name of a teacher
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indrota Is twice mentioned in the Rigveda in a Dānastuti (‘ Praise of Liberality ’) as a giver of gifts. In the second passage he has the epithet Atithigva, which shows conclusively that he was a son of Atithigva, as Ludwig holds, and not of Rksa, as Roth states.
indrota daivāpa śaunaka Is mentioned in the śata­patha Brāhmana as the priest who officiated at the horse sacrifice of Janamejaya, although this honour is attributed in the Aitareya Brāhmana to Tura Kāvaseya. He also appears in the Jaiminīya Upanisad Brāhmana as a pupil of Sruta,and is mentioned in the Vamśa Brāhmana. He cannot be connected in any way with Devāpi, who occurs in the Rigveda
dṛti aindrota (‘Descendant of Indrota’) is mentioned in the Pañcavimśa Brāhmana as a contemporary of Abhipratārin Kāksaseni and as a pupil of Indrota Daivāpa in a Vamśa (list of teachers) in the Jaiminīya Upanisad Brāhmana. Possibly the same Drti is meant in the compound Drti-Vātavantau, which is found in the Pañcavimśa Brāhmana.The former is here said to have continued, after the Mahāvrata was over, the sacrificial session in which both had been engaged, with the result that his descendants prospered more than the Vātavatas.
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indrota tubhyaṃ tad dive RV.1.129.3d.
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indrota noun (masculine) name of a teacher (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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